CA View - Does View's CICS Interface Run as Threadsafe?
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CA View - Does View's CICS Interface Run as Threadsafe?


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Does CA View's CICS interface run as threadsafe?


Release : 12.1

Component : CA View


Per the Wikipedia definition:

A piece of code is thread-safe if it functions correctly during simultaneous execution by multiple threads. 

In particular, it must satisfy the need for multiple threads to access the same shared data, and the need for a shared piece of data to be accessed by only one thread at any given time.

As there can be many end-users, with there being possible simultaneous logins, 

View has an internal enqueue ring which services requests from varied sources, in an orderly, first-in first-out manner. 

View uses the Cross-memory Services (XMS) for the use of the CICS, VTAM, IMS, ROSCOE, and TSO interfaces. 

The number of end-users can be set in XMS, per task, for usage efficiency.