Batch XCOM with Alias
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Batch XCOM with Alias


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I had a user come to me with the following situation:

Alias dataset SYS22M.SYS1.LINKLIB points to dataset SYS1.LINKLIB on volume SYS22T and is not cataloged.

Another dataset by the same name, SYS1.LINKLIB on volume NBIPL2 is cataloged.

The user tried to XCOM through batch SYS22M.SYS1.LINKLIB to another LPAR, but it didn't pick up the dataset on volume SYS22T.  Instead it picked up the dataset on NBIPL2.

Is there a way that the user can point to the uncatalogued SYS1.LINKLIB dataset on volume SYS22T, or is this something that would need to be looked into as an enhancement/update to XCOM?


Release : 12.0

Component : CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS


You must specify parameter VOL= as part of your SYSIN01 to make sure that the data is transferred to the uncatalogued alias dataset. If you do not specify the VOL=, then the data will be transferred to the catalogued dataset alias.