CA View - Invoking Product via CICS
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CA View - Invoking Product via CICS


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With installing CA View, there is also the customization of using CICS. 

Though the CICS PTDPI, PLTSD, DST, DFHRPL LOADLIB, CSD were updated for the programs and Transactions, when CICS starts up it connects with the following:

+EBCXST00   Queue allocated 164BF000 1ST=164BF064 SIZE=00005000 FREE=00004F9C  
+EBCXST00   Queue allocated 164C4000 1ST=164C4064 SIZE=00001000 FREE=00000F9C  
+EBCXST00  EBCXSCTL=16460700 EBCXSUSR-1ST=16460F00 XMPCSGPR-1=164BEB00         
+EBCXST01  Subtask    EE0XSTSK Active addr=964C52A8 14.0 03/15/16 13.04        
+EBCXST01  XMS Cntrl  EE0XMCTR Active addr=107A2158 14.0 09/03/19 08.55 SRVTRAN=
+EBCXST04  EE0XSOPR Subtask attached     

How do you connect to CA View via CICS?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


Typically, a CICS transaction meant to access CA View is simply issued when logged into CICS. 

The member CVDEJCL(CICSDEF) enables CICS transactions to be defined, running program DFHCSDUP. 

Here is a sample transaction:



It is imperative to assemble the EBCXMCTR table, which will associate a particular database to the CICS transaction. 

There is no menu provided by View from which the CICS transaction can be executed.

If there is to be a menu, it would be one needed to be created by the client. 

In this instance, the TRANSID SAR was added to the client's CICS table. 

With that, access could be made with no problems.