CA IDMS ARCHIVE JOURNAL DB002549 No data offloaded
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CA IDMS ARCHIVE JOURNAL DB002549 No data offloaded


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ARCHIVE JOURNAL AUTO selects a full journal for offloading but then issues message:

 DB002549 C1M357: No data was offloaded from selected journal(s).


Release : 19.0

Component : CA IDMS/DB


This normally occurs when the journal is empty.

If the message is issued when the journal was marked as full it indicates there is a long running transaction without COMMITs which is filling up the journals.

The archive journal runs but because the transaction is still active, condensed before images remain in the journal.

Eventually all journals fill with condensed before images and when selected for offloading will issue the DB002549 message.

To identify the program causing the journals to fill look in the CV joblog for  these messages:

DC205003 V2 Disk Journal is FULL.  Submit ARCHIVE JOURNAL for J5JRNL

DC205030 V2 LID=123448609   PROG=nnnnnnnn SUBS=xxxxxxxx BFOR=71KB

The DC205030 message reports on the program which caused the journal swap, along with the transaction-id, subschema name and how much BFOR image space has been written to the journals on behalf of this transaction since its last COMMIT.

Look for DC205030 messages with a large BFOR= value. This could be the program causing the journals to fill up.


To reduce the likelihood of all journals filling up with condensed images, increase the number of journals.

Add logic  to the program filling up the journals to issue regular COMMITs.