Verify dropped ranges are not linked to active range.
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Verify dropped ranges are not linked to active range.


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TLMS Tape Management


We are dropping a large of volumes and we need to find out if any of the dropped ranges are linked/chainied to the new active range.


Release : 12.6 /14.0

Component : CA TLMS Tape Management


The following Earl program will verify that all volumes that are being dropped by a execution of a TLMSVMFU ++RESTORE are not chained to any volumes that will remain in the VMF.

Any volumes that are attached to the dropped range will be reported on.

The range is supplied on the PARM= operand on the EXEC card.


PARM='VVVVVV,VVVVVV'  (Starting and ending in the range)

NOTE: Multiple ranges will require multiple executions of the Earl report.

Upload the following attachment to MVS and modify the JCL to your shops standards.


1568748103195__Adding and deleting volume ranges guide.pdf get_app