CA Dispatch MSGCLASS EVENTS - DC980025 missing &TEXT variable substitution
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CA Dispatch MSGCLASS EVENTS - DC980025 missing &TEXT variable substitution


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


I have created a CA Dispatch MSGCLASS EVENT with the MESSAGE field syntax coded as:


However, i can only see the following on the operator console:   "DC980025 DEMAND,JOB="


Notice - There is no variable substitution value shown in the DC980025 message for the JOB=&TEXT specification.


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Dispatch


Unlike CA Dispatch "REPORT EVENTS" which have a "report text move" option that can be defined on their VRDMU116 screens, MSGCLASS EVENTS do not provide this same report text move functionality. 

Because of this, specification of the &TEXT parameter in a MSGCLASS EVENT event is not valid. 

From the example outlined in the Introduction section of this article,  the only thing you would see on the operator console is "DC980025 DEMAND,JOB=" because that's what you have coded in the msgclass event MESSAGE area on the VSGMU185 screen for this event.

The only two variable substitutions allowed for a MSGCLASS EVENT are the documented parms:

&JOBNM = Replaced by the Jobname 

&JESNO = Replaced by the JES Number