Clarity - Unable to fetch a Jaspersoft report with "Internal Server Error" due to 500 maximum pages limit
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Clarity - Unable to fetch a Jaspersoft report with "Internal Server Error" due to 500 maximum pages limit


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Getting an Internal Server Error in an Adhoc view/ Jaspersoft report in Advanced Reporting/Jaspersoft in Clarity 

Error in Jasperserver.log:

ERROR JRFillSubreport,pool-6-thread-957:879 [.....|....] - Fill 1: exception
net.sf.jasperreports.governors.MaxPagesGovernorException: Report "..." exceeded the limit of 500 maximum pages.
at net.sf.jasperreports.governors.MaxPagesGovernor.afterPageInit(


Release : All Supported releases


  • As per the message in the Jasperserver.log, this is due to attempting to run a report with more than the allowed page limit for reports.
  • When you have a non-scheduler instance in a clustered environment (standalone node), the maximum number of pages, by default, that can appear on the user interface is limited to 500 pages. When the limit is exceeded, you receive an error. 


 Run the report setting parameters to reduce the number of pages below the limit.

Current default limitations:

  • SAAS customers: The limit is 1,000 pages
  • On Premise customers: The default is 500 pages, but this can be increased to 1,000 pages as referenced at: Broadcom documentation
    • The page limit can be increased (not recommended due to performance impacts - proceed with caution) as described here: Increase Jasper Report Page Limit 
    • Another possibility is to add a Scheduler Node in Jaspersoft cluster and use it for scheduling the large reports with maximum of 1000 pages. (View in UI up to 500 pages, Schedule 500-1000 pages)


For custom reports, one way to avoid this issue is to make a parameter mandatory (i.e. to select just one project rather than all of them).

Additional Information

For Ad Hoc Views, see the below excerpt from: Ad Hoc Views and Custom Report Development

The maximum number of report pages that you can generate is 500 pages for both scheduled and unscheduled reports. The limit applies to all reports and ad-hoc views that are exported using paginated options such as Excel (Paginated) and XLSX (Paginated). The limit is not applicable to the ad-hoc views exported using non-paginated export options such as Excel and XLSX. The following image shows the export options that have a limit to the maximum number of pages that are exported. this is working as expected, as the limit has been reached for the maximum amount of pages.