Configuring stronger ciphers for CA-LDAP
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Configuring stronger ciphers for CA-LDAP


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Top Secret Top Secret - LDAP


How to configure strong ciphers for LDAP?



Release : 15.0

Component : CA LDAP Server


 CA-LDAP cipher configuration


Update the slapd.conf file to specify the cipher suite required.


TLSCipherSuite xxxxxxxxx


where 'xxxxxxxxx' is the cipher keywords for the corresponding ciphers required.




Specifies a list of TLS cipher suites in order of preference.

Each cipher-string modifies the list by adding or removing

cipher suites.

A cipher suite is a named combination of authentication, encryption, 

and MAC algorithms used to negotiate

the security setting for a network connection using the TLS or SSL network protocol.


Format: The value is a string consisting of one or more cipher-strings separated by colons.

There is a table in the manual that documents the keyword for the cipher suites we support.


Download the LDAP manuals in PDF format and do a find on 

'The cipher-keywords are as follows:'


You could do it online but using an actual PDF is easier.