Displaying products licensed by siteid
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Displaying products licensed by siteid


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CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) COMMON SERVICES FOR Z/OS Common Services


You are looking to find a way outside of CA MSM (CA Mainframe Software Manager) to determine all the products that your site is licensed for.
Knowing this information will help identify the precise naming of your licensed products.


Release : 6.0


To display the products names for your Site Id:

  1. Copy the URL below into a browser session, replacing 999999 with your Site ID.
    • https://supportservices.broadcom.com/support/esdproducts?site=999999
  2. When prompted, login with your https://casupport.broadcom.com userid and password
  3. This will return a display of all product name entitlements for your Site ID 


For example: 

<response status="OK">
<esd-products count="1054">
<product type="Entitled" code="AAICA700200" name="Automic Automation Intelligence Integration for Mainframe - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="AAIJOB00200" name="Automic Automation Intelligence Integration for CA Jobtrac - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="AAIWSM00200" name="Automic Automation Intelligence Integration for IWS - Mainframe - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="AAMFMP00200" name="CA Advanced Authentication Mainframe MIPS - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="ACCUCK00200" name="CA Accuchek - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="ACF2DB00200" name="CA ACF2 Option for DB2 - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="ACFBSU00200" name="CA ACF2 for z/OS MSU - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="ACFCLM00200" name="CA Cleanup for ACF2 MIPS - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="ACFCLU00200" name="CA Cleanup for ACF2 MSU - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="WKLASA00200" name="Workload Automation System Agent for z/OS - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="WKLASG00200" name="CA Workload Automation Service Governor EE - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="WKLAUT00200" name="CA Workload Automation ESP Edition - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="XCOM..00200" name="CA XCOM Data Transport for z/OS - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="ZMCLCM00200" name="AllFusion MM CHANGE & LIFE CYCLE - MVS" site="999999"/>
<product type="Entitled" code="ZMTTCR00200" name="AllFusion MM Application Testing Tools - MVS" site="999999"/>