v18.0 how to suppress mixed case defaults in Quickedit panel
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v18.0 how to suppress mixed case defaults in Quickedit panel


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After upgrading to Endevor 18.0.12, the Signout Override, Case Sensitive, Signout To, and With History options not being saved/restored correctly in Base Endevor and Quickedit Panels.


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


This is a known defect and has been resolved by PTF SO05868

Problem Description:  

In Endevor Classic, following the addition of Long Element Support,
case sensitive option (SIQ07403/RO92876), some customers noticed that
the Signout override, and Case Sensitive options were now being
saved/restored even after exiting Endevor and restarting, but only
in the ADD/Update, Retrieve and Transfer dialogues. In addition, the
With History option was saved in the profile for Quick Edit, but not
in the Classic interface.

After applying this fix, the Signout Override, Case Sensitive and
Signout To User fields are saved/restored from the shared pool only,
and the With History option is added to the list of variables stored
in the classic interface.

Note: That the With History value is stored in different fields for
Quick Edit and Classic to allow differentiated use depending on
typical use. Most Quick Edit users will set their Action Option
with History to No, so that when they promote it will "squash
history". But when Release personnel use the Classic interface, or
the create Package dialogue, their With History default can be Yes
to preserve all change History (with intermediate levels marked as
'H' for History).