Can mixed case text be passed in from a non-Gen UI to a CA Gen z/OS server?
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Can mixed case text be passed in from a non-Gen UI to a CA Gen z/OS server?


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We have a GUI app where the UI is not Gen but native .NET.  The app wants to preserve upper/lower case responses from the business user to be inserted into a DB2 database.  They've already tested putting mixed case responses in the z/OS import views using DTF.  DB2 did store and retrieve the data as mixed case.   Looking for info on how to configure the z/OS servers to accept mixed case data as the data always come into the server as upper case. 


Release : 8.5 & 8.6

Component : CA Gen z/OS and Toolset


Non-Gen user interface not supported.


The server view(s) attributes must be set as mixed case ("Case Sensitive") on the toolset. The client view will/should match the server. So the case sent to the server will be maintained. If server view attributes are not set as mixed case, the data passed will be translated to upper case. This should be tested since there are non-Gen components. If the application changes the model’s attribute to be case sensitive, then when the z/OS server starts executing, it will preserve the case that is passed into the import views even though the UI is non-Gen but uses Gen proxies.

Check the box "Case Sensitive" on the entity attribute for all attributes that may be mixed case.  Default on z/OS is upper case.