Error connecting to remote system with REMOTE FAILED or RC: 99
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Error connecting to remote system with REMOTE FAILED or RC: 99


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


Over the weekend we updated our OPSV 4.2 MSF definitions in two of our complexes that were using both APPC and CCI connections to only use APPC to match all of our other environments. All the links activated and and we were able to switch between systems in the OPSLOG. However it was reported to us later that our Operators were having issues switching between systems using the OPSV US 3 Panel. Switching between some systems resulted in the following error: Error connecting to remote system  RC: 99 . This doesn't happen between all systems and some are able to connect one way and not the other I.E. A333 is able to switch to TBCC but when trying to go from TBCC to A333 it results in: Error connecting to remote system A333 RC: 99. Replacing the CCI definitions in 4.2 seems to fix the issue but we are trying to get away from those to match the other environments.


Release : 12.3

Component : OPS/MVS


  1. First insure that the MSFINI00 has the newer LPARs listed. 
  2. Next insure that remote systems have the calling system defined as nosecure.  The RC=99 is because the other system has this system defined as nosecure. This can only happen if defined that way or if (for appc) an address OPSCTL MSF START was issued before the system was defined, and a request comes in from the external system to connect. This can't happen for connection types other than APPC. The MSFINIT's attached appear to issue the address opsctl msf start last in the rexx's. So look for an errant MSF START in other code...