IAM: Incorrect VSC session IP address
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IAM: Incorrect VSC session IP address


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CA Application Test Service Virtualization


From IAM, VS Catalog session info, All IP addresses in ‘From address’ is

This is not correct because, launched browser from a laptop and connecting to VSC.

So, it should be the laptop’s IP address. Security-admin-console’s from IP address is showing the correct laptop’s IP address


All supported DevTest releases.


It's the default behavior of Keycloak.


There is one active session in localhost for virtual-service-catalog client(localhost= and one session for the laptop, so only it shows two active sessions.

From wherever you log in to that client, it will show that IP address.

If for eg: the server is started and running in one machine and you are launching the vsc or portal from that same machine, it will show active session as