Do we need to use FORMATCF at startup?
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Do we need to use FORMATCF at startup?


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PMO Runtime Performance Optimizer


Sample JCL in CBTYSAMP(PROCPMO) to start PMO proc is delivered with parameter

FORMATCF. We use XCF and not  XSYS for PMO cross system communication. 

Can this parm be removed?



Release: 4.4

Component: PMO


You are refering to the FORMATCF parameter in the EXEC statement of the PMO startup procedure for PMO. If so, the value of this parameter is propagated from the FORMAT= of the PROC statement.                                               


  //PMO      PROC FORMAT=NO      


The parameter FORMAT= is described in the CA PMO Programmer guide, Chapter 5 

- Starting CA PMO.                                                           


The FORMAT parameter only applies when the control file is used via the XSYS parameters. If XCF only is used, the control file is not needed, and the     

FORMAT parameter would not be used.