Profile dataset for SYSVIEW 16.0
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Profile dataset for SYSVIEW 16.0


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


Installing SYSVIEW 16.0 on z/OS systems, the INST0051 job cannot be found in the SYSVIEW 16.0 SAMPJCL. 


Before deploying the new release, here is a question regarding the profile dataset: 

In previous SYSVIEW releases, there was a conversion job INST0051 to convert the existing profile to new SYSVIEW release. 


Now with the dynamic conversion it looks like user profiles get converted when they first log on. 

The concern is that when running the INSTALL job, the OLDPROF=Old-Profile/NONE (did not specify old profile dataset) was kept. 

So copying the profiles from the old Version 15 profile dataset to the new one using IEBCOPY is correct? 



SYSVIEW 16.0 - z/OS supported releases - 


Checking SYSVIEW 16.0 System Configuration Options, there are two different datasets:






Profile Data Library (PROFLIB):    

The PROFLIB dataset is a new SYSVIEW 16.0 dataset created with the INST0007 job.

The profile data library (PROFLIB) is a data set that contains CA SYSVIEW user profile objects. CA SYSVIEW persistent data store technology is used to allow multiple versions or releases of profile objects to be maintained in a single data set. If you are upgrading from a prior release of CA SYSVIEW, the existing profile library data set (PROFILE) from the prior release will be used as source to automatically upgrade and migrate the profile information to the profile data library (PROFLIB) when a user initiates a CA SYSVIEW session. 

This is explained at the URL:

Create Runtime Profile Data Library

The new PROFLIB file (INST0007) should be in the Configuration Option Dsn-System-PROFLIB and the old profile dataset (SYSVIEW 15.0 or previously) should be in the System Configuration Option Dsn-System-PROFILE. 
As users log on, the profiles in PROFILE will get converted into PROFLIB. 

The PROFMBRS command display will show what profiles have been converted.
If the profile is converted, it will show source of PROFLIB.

Additional Information

Please check SYSVIEW 16.0 documentation: 

Create Runtime Profile Data Library