Jboss- Tasks Stuck in-progress - restarting the IMS MDB
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Jboss- Tasks Stuck in-progress - restarting the IMS MDB


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Requests are being stuck in In Progress status. This applies only to to JBoss clusters and has been found to sometimes kick start tasks that seem to be stuck in-progress.


Identity Manager on Jboss


--Restart the message Driven Bean--


(1) Restart the message driven bean. 


This has been known to kick start messaging functionality in Jboss.


In Identity Manager, the Message Driven Bean that will talk to the main queue is SubscriberMessageEJB. This allows it to effectively "move" the messages to a different jboss node instead of the one where things are stuck (not moving).


Please contact your Jboss support for further assistance with this...





Using the CLI, connect to the JBoss instance you want to manage and run:


cd deployment=iam_im.ear/subdeployment=iam_im_identityminder_ejb.jar/subsystem=ejb3/message-driven-bean=SubscriberMessageEJB


To stop the delivery to the MDB:



To start the delivery to the MDB: