HostConfiguration model destroyed with delay
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HostConfiguration model destroyed with delay


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CA Spectrum


Found the following event happened 1st August, while device "AAA" was deleted 30th July. Wants to know why there are delay in between removal of the device and removal of HostConfiguration for the removed device.

2019/08/01 17:16:00 JST, AAA_06.14.2019.21:02:49, model have been destroyed. Type HostConfiguration AAA_06.14.2019.21:02:49 have been destroyed by System


Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Once the device is removed, its associated HostConfiguration model become orphaned entity, so it moves to LostFound. Spectrum acknowledge orphaned model in LostFound in the first 24 hours, then delete it in the next 24 hours. so some delay (1 or 2 days) is expected.