Request to deploy vAPP .ami for Amazon Web Service AWS
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Request to deploy vAPP .ami for Amazon Web Service AWS


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What is the procedure for deploying a vAPP instance to Amazon Web Services?

vAPP for AWS cannot be downloaded from the support portal. 

Identity Suite vAPP is available as an .ami file that can be allocated upon request to an AWS environment--please open a support case as instructed in the resolution section below.



Identity Suite vAPP .ami for Amazon Web Services


Please open a support case and provide the below information to the support team.  Support will reach out to engineering who will grant you access to the requested AMI.


To grant you access to the AMI, please provide us with the following in the support case:

1. Are you already a vAPP customer?

2. Is this a planned migration or is it an upgrade?

3. Which Version of vApp are you requesting?

4. Your AWS account number (which you can find on Support -> Support Center in the top-right corner of the AWS console):

         5. Full ARN of Organization Account if you want AMI access Org-wide:

6. Desired AWS region: 

7. Intended Use  (Dev/Prod/Test/POC/Other):

8. Company and Site ID:

9. Company Contact Person:

       10. Company Contact email:


Additional Information

Please note that Virtual Appliance on the AWS platform is deprecated and the support for the same is discontinued from 30 June 2025.  This is due to Amazon's deprecation of Amazon Linux 2, which will not be supported after June of 2025.

Customers using Virtual Appliance on AWS should migrate to a standalone deployment: