How to change the Bulk Load Client Password
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How to change the Bulk Load Client Password


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


The steps provided will allow you to change your Bulk Load client password.


Release: 14.2, 14.3

Component: Identity Manager, Virtual Appliance


1. In a Command Prompt, navigate to <BulkLoadClient_Installed_Location>\bin.


Note: If the file info.txt exists in the bin folder, rename it and create a new empty one with the same name.


2. Run the following command:


imbulkloadclient.bat -S -u imadmin -p <new master password> -s https://<Hostname

of Identity Manager>/iam/im/TEWS6/<Environment Name> -c info.txt


Note: The URL represents the environment for which you are updating the password.


3. Open the info.txt file and copy the password.



4. Navigate to <BulkLoadClient_Installed_Location>\ and create a backup of the conf folder.


5. Open the conf folder.


6. Search for “password=” in each *.properties files.


If found, replace the password with the password copied from info.txt.