Some JES messages are not being captured
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Some JES messages are not being captured


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Remote Console


Need to determine why I have OPS users that are seeing IEF403I and IEF404I message on some LPARs.  

The problem is those 2 message are suppressed in MPFLST. When I signon with my id on to the system that ops see the message I don't see them with my userid.    

Where should I look to see what overrides MPFLST for ops id's that they would see the message and I don't? How do I resolve this difference?                                             


Release: 2.3

Component: Remote Console


Probably;y have CAPTURELOG=NO  specified 


In most cases this is caused by collecting the messages on the global systems but not the other systems. The userid that does not collect messages does not have MONITOR JOBNAMES engaged. 

Once you have MONITOR JOBNAMES specified in your collection criteria  you should see all messages requested from the other systems as well.  

RCSOPT CAPTURELOG=YES    This allows RCS to capture the JESLOG messages

Key point to remember is that the COLLECT function will gather JOBNAME info only on the system where the job was executed.         

A helpful diagnostic command

RDISPLAY CAPTURE          This will display what messages are being captured so you know what options to change