{"code":"IA-0002","error":"API key '' is not valid
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{"code":"IA-0002","error":"API key '' is not valid


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


Once completing the installation/upgrade of the Event Engine, when attempting to trigger an Event via a REST call, the event returns:

 {"code":"IA-0002","error":"API key '<API KEY>' is not valid}

Where <API KEY> is the correctly defined and viewed scoped key generated for that client. 

This can be confirmed by checking for the scoped keys via  GET /analytics/api/v1/apikeys and confirming the API key listed in the error is an exact match to the API key listed from the endpoint.


Release : 12.2, 12.3

Component : Event Engine


This is due to the collector not being correctly enabled. In the applications.properties file for the IA Agent, check the following:


# Enable/disable event ingestion



Please confirm this value is true. If this is not set to true, this can cause this issue.

This error message can also be caused by Postgres being offline/down, or otherwise not accessible. 

The error message will be updated to better reflect the nature of this error in future versions.


Confirm the applications.properties file has the following setting:


# Enable/disable event ingestion



Confirm PostgreSQL is running and can be accessed.