How to change\reset the "config" User Password on vAPP
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How to change\reset the "config" User Password on vAPP


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Some sites may have policies requiring password resets. The steps provided here can be followed to change your "config" vApp password.


Release: 14.x Virtual Appliance (vApp)

Component: Virtual Appliance


To change config user password, perform the given steps on each Virtual Appliance server:

Note: On AWS, password based login is disabled for ec2-user. User must use SSH keys to log in to the system.

1. SSH to the Virtual Appliance using the config (OVA/Azure) user credentials.

2. Run setVappUserPassword command.

3. Enter a new password for the config user in the window that appears on the screen.


4. Next, confirm the password and click OK.

5. Log out and log in to the Virtual Appliance with the new config user password.

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