CA Datacom CDC DB03135W CDCU BEHIND messages
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CA Datacom CDC DB03135W CDCU BEHIND messages


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Using the CA Datacom CDC feature and getting excessive DB03135W messages:



Release : 15.1

Component : CA DATACOM/DB


For CDCU check the following:

  • Check if the CDCU job is running, if not, start the CDCU job.
  • If the CDCU job is running but cannot keep up, it needs a higher priority.
  • If CDCU is running as fast as it can, but the volume of work prevents it from keeping current, the condition becomes expected and planned. In this case, the CDC base needs to be large enough to ensure it does not fill while waiting on the CDCU task.

The DB03135W warning message is controlled by the CDCM_WARN startup option. 

CDCM_WARN allows you to specify the number of seconds behind the LXX that the CDCL or CDCU program can slip before a warning message is issued.

The CDCL task is measured from the last log record it saw compared to the current last log record on DASD. The CDCU task is measured from the oldest TSN record in the CDC database to the current last log record on DASD. 

How often CDC checks this is controlled by the CDCM_POLL option

The CDCM_WARM and CDCM_POLL values can be adjusted to reduce the frequency of these messages.

Additional Information

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