TDM Portal Error - Modeling Environments
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TDM Portal Error - Modeling Environments


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Just upgraded TDM on a test system and getting the below error when Modeling Environments:
Could not performs the action because of an internal server problems.  Refer to logs for more information.
The server replied: Server encountered an error processing the request.  See server log for more details.

Repository is SQL Server.
Machine has 64GB of RAM.



Test Data Manager
TDM Web Portal


Permissions issue with user being used to start the TDM Portal.


Used File Explorer to navigate to the C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\tomcat\webapps folder.
Could see all 16 war files not expanded.
After install, once the CA Test Data Manager Portal service is started, all of the war files should have been expanded into folders by tomcat.
The TDM Portal Service is started with a specific user account ([email protected]) to access the Shredder database.
This user does not have the right permissions to expand the war files into folders.
The user that was used to logon to the machine where TDM is installed is not the same one that is used to start the CA TDM Portal service.
The local system user is used although to start the OrientDB service.
The log files that had been provided clearly show access denied errors:
Unable to create the directory and then will specify each directory it is trying to create.
The error occurs for each war file trying to be expanded.

Needed to add user
[email protected] on this TDM machine to have administrator permissions.
Once added, able to restart the CA TDM Portal service and see the war files expanded. But still getting the same error.

Put the browser in DEBUG to see what network calls are being made.

An API GET call is failing with a 500 status: http://somemachine:8080/TDMDataReservationService/api/ca/v1/environments?projectId=2455&versionid=2456&page=1&size=50
Went to the log files and could see in the TDMDataReservation.txt log:
I/O error on GET request for "": Connection refused

This shows port 8443, but your TDM Portal URL is using port 8080.

Navigated to the C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf\ file and edited it.
Could see where the default reference to port 8080 had been changed to port 8443.
Properties changed in the file:
1. Changed all in this file from port 8443 back to port 8080.
2. Changed security.require.ssl=true to false.

Restarted the CA Test Data Manager Portal service after all changes.
Was able to login to Portal and see the issue was resolved.