getting error messages in CA SSO and Microfocus eDirectory
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getting error messages in CA SSO and Microfocus eDirectory


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We're Running a Policy Server and when this one LDAP Ping the LDAP User

Directory, then each 30 seconds the Policy Server reports error



  error][][389][][][][][LDAP Server Ping result]

How can we solve this ?


Release : 12.52



The issue concerns only 1 thread, which is in a bad states due to a

problem when processing the ldap ping. So the further processing of

that ldap ping probably doesn't go out of the Policy Server and this

is probably the reason why this thread reports the problem.

But all the other threads are polling the LDAP servers with the ldap

ping with success. So once the Policy Server restarts, this thread

will be destroyed and the issue will not get reproduced.

This occurs each 30 seconds on the Policy Server, and concerns only the

Thread 3128052592, the other shows no problem.

  Time         Thread     Message

  13:51:19.259 3128052592 Unknown error 

  13:51:49.265 3128052592 Unknown error


  14:36:50.470 3128052592 Unknown error 

  14:37:20.477 3128052592 Unknown error 

  14:37:50.483 3128052592 Unknown error


Restart the Policy Server to solve this issue.