Variables missing in the Portal under Generator.
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Variables missing in the Portal under Generator.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


One of our generators makes use of several variables to customize the data we create.
We verified that all of the relevant variables are set at the project level and when we click on the Variables tab of Portal under Generator.
However, the variables are unavailable when configuring the Publish Job.


TDM Portal
Test data manager



The variables that are available when the Publish option is selected, are the ones being used with the tables selected for the publish.

If no tables are selected, no variables will be available. 
If the tables selected are not associated with a variable, no variables will be shown when we select Publish.

In the screenshot below the variables, Age and GenName are being used.

When we select Publish and Variables, we can see these two variables:

One more variable was added to the Category_translations table:

We can see the Location variable when Publish is selected: