SMF records used by CA 1
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SMF records used by CA 1


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Which SMF Record Types are used by CA 1 and it is required to define them in SYS1.PARMLIB member SMFPRMnn in the SYS TYPE statement?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


CA 1 does not write SMF records, but uses different SMF records during tape processing and in batch to update the TMC.

SMF Records used during tape processing:

* Type 21 -- Error Statistics by Volume: 
  used to to track read/write errors of tape volumes in the TMC

* Type 61 -- Integrated Catalog Facility Define Activity
* Type 65 -- Integrated Catalog Facility Delete Activity
* Type 66 -- Integrated Catalog Facility Alter Activity
  used to track the catalog status of tape data sets in the TMC

It is not required, that these SMF Records Types are written to SMF data sets. CA 1 uses IEFU83 SMF exit TMSSMF83 for these records, which is dynamically installed running CAS9 at IPL. This exit gets control before it is determined, if the records should be written to the SMF data sets or not. So whether these records are written or not, they will be seen seen and processed by CA 1. The only requirement is, that SMF is activated in SYS1.PARMLIB member SMFPRMnn.

SMF Records used during batch processing:


The TMC recovery utility TMSSMF uses SMF records

* Type 14 -- INPUT or RDBACK Data Set Activity
* Type 15 -- OUTPUT, UPDAT, INOUT, or OUTIN Data Set Activity

for recovery of missing TMC updates. For example, if tapes have been created while CA 1 was inactive.
The Type 14/15 records must be defined in the SMFPRMnn SYS TYPE statement to be sure they are collected and written to the SMF data sets.

Details for the TMSSMF utility can be found here
TMSSMF Utility -- Recover Tape Activity from SMF Data