Issues integrating Rally with Brightideas via Rally API
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Issues integrating Rally with Brightideas via Rally API


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


When setting up the plugin page for Rally integration with BrightIdea there is a problem on the attribute map page for Portfolio Items, some of the fields are showing with the variables from Rally and some are not.  In particular Portfolio Items (Epics or Features in Rally).

When attempting to select the Portfolio Item type it is expected to see the various types listed, but the page will only show 'Select One'.  The same is true for the 'State' field.


Release : SAAS



The API used by BrightIdea has an endpoint that only allows for Portfolio Item, it does not include 'type'.



When configuring Portfolio Items the Type will be displayed in BrightIdea after the mapping is completed.  Follow the steps here to complete the configuration and log Ideas for Portfolio Items.

  1. From the above Plugin screen click the 'Next' button in the upper right side of the screen to proceed to the mapping page. 

  2. The following screen allows the mapping of the state fields in Rally to those in Brightidea. Note that in this case there are 3 sets of states for Portfolio Item type on the left column, each of these states represent a type as indicated in the purple text ascending in the hierarchy which is often customized per the workspace chosen to configure.

  3. Once the above mapping is completed and saved, it will allow the user to select the appropriate type after they select 'Create New Work Item' from within BrightIdea as shown below.


  4. After creating the new Portfolio Item in BrightIdea, the State field which was mapped in step #2 above must be entered in Rally only which is, by default, set to -no entry- initially.  After synching with Rally the state will then show on the card in BrightIdea.

  5. The State field now shows