ArchMgr not fully initializing
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ArchMgr not fully initializing


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CA eHealth CA Spectrum


ArchiveManager is not fully initializing.

In the log ARCHMGR.OUT there are only the folllowing entries:


Aug 28 13:30:33 : ArchMgr started as user 'spectrum'

Aug 28 13:30:33 : ArchMgr validating database.

Aug 28 13:30:33 : ArchMgr successfully connected to MySQL daemon

Aug 28 13:30:33 : ArchMgr loaded DDM database with landscape handle 0x100000


But there should be more steps:


Aug 28 13:35:00 : ArchMgr has successfully connected to the SpectroSERVER.

Aug 28 13:35:00 : ArchMgr has successfully advertised CORBA Event Service.

Aug 28 13:35:00 : ArchMgr is now ready on port 0xbeef, precedence 10



Release : 10.2\10.3.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


  • LocServer.exe was not starting successfully with the start of processd.
  • The following message was logged to spectroot/lib/SDPM/processd_log

Failure to connect to Location Service at host: spectroserver003, port #: 56063

  • Netstat -anp | grep 56063 shows the above referenced port is not in use.


  • Stop processd (./processd -stop) 
  • Delete contents of lib/SDPM/runtime folder (rm -f *rtt)
  • Start processd 
  • Verify LocServer is running (ps -ef | grep LocServer)
  • Check process_d log that processd has connected to location server:

        The Process Daemon Service has now established a connection with the Location Service.