Change DevTest to Point to a New Database Machine
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Change DevTest to Point to a New Database Machine


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Service Virtualization


The database for the DevTest environment is running Oracle which is currently running on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Want to upgrade the machine Oracle is running on to Windows Server 2012 R2.  

Trying to figure out the best approach, which will cause the least amount of downtime for the environment. 

Can a new 2012 server be built with a new instance of Oracle installed on it with the current files copied to it? 

If so, what and where would configuration changes be required in the DevTest environment settings to point to the new server and oracle instance? 



All supported DevTest releases.




Before making any changes, make sure to bring down all DevTest server components.


There are two ways to update IAM to point to an external database:


1. Run DataSourceUpdater and it will prompt for the database information and then can point to the new database machine.

2. Update DEVTEST_HOME\IdentityAccessManager\ file.


This example is for Oracle:

## =====================================================================================================================
# Database configuration
# -----------------------
# iam.db.vendor - Database vendor. IaAM supports [mysql,oracle,db2,mssql,postgres].
# iam.db.url - Database URL
# iam.db.user - Database User
# iam.db.password - Database password.
# iam.db.jdbc.driver.class - JDBC driver class. Not a mandatory property, can also be used as override for the defaults.
# iam.db.jdbc.driver.path -  JDBC driver jar path. By default looks for particular driver based on the db vendor
#                            mysql - ${IAM_HOME}/database/drivers/mysql-connector-java-5.1.46.jar
#                            db2 - ${IAM_HOME}/database/drivers/db2jcc.jar
#                            oracle - ${IAM_HOME}/database/drivers/ojdbc7.jar
#                            mssql - ${IAM_HOME}/database/drivers/sqljdbc42.jar
#                            postgres - ${IAM_HOME}/database/drivers/postgresql-42.2.2.jar
#                            You can either add the jar based on your database vendor or add a different jar and specify the path.
#                            {IAM_HOME} will resolved at runtime.
## =====================================================================================================================
iam.db.user=<your oracle userid>
iam.db.password=<your oracle password>
iam.db.jdbc.driver.path=${IAM_HOME}/database/drivers/<your oracle driver>


For the Enterprise Dashboard, modify DEVTEST_HOME\ file to point to the new Oracle.

For the Registry, modify DEVTEST_HOME\ file to point to the new Oracle.

Make sure all the needed DevTest ports and Oracle ports are opened on the new Oracle machine.

Once the new Oracle is up and running, then start all the Server components.