Microsoft Project (MSP) Integration - Uninstall/Upgrade Registry Entries
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Microsoft Project (MSP) Integration - Uninstall/Upgrade Registry Entries


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We are upgrading to a higher version of the Microsoft Project (MSP) Integration where end users will receive a client-side upgrade from 15.2 to 15.6 MSP Integration (New Driver for both versions).

For deployment to client machines, is there still the requirement to delete all "Niku" folder/entries in the Registry for v15.2 components prior to installation of the 15.6 MSP Integration components? (Is a "clean" uninstall (including deletion of "Niku" registry entries) still required when scripting a 15.2 uninstall/15.6 install?)


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1. Prior to upgrading, it's required to first uninstall the previous MSP Integration components:

  • CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface 
  • CA PPM Schedule Connect
  • CAClarityAddin
  • Open Workbench (if installed) - Note, prior to uninstalling OWB, if you have any custom views for OWB, make sure to save these in a separate folder prior to the uninstall. 

2. Typically, the Niku registry folders should get removed automatically from the registry as part of the uninstall, but in some instances, if these don't get removed, that can cause issues during or after the upgrade to the new MSP Interface version. It's recommended to test the uninstall of the previous connector on a couple of machines to make sure there are no issues based on your environment (sometimes permissions on a machine or other factors can prevent these registry items from being removed correctly).

3. If any issues are found, it's recommended to then do a clean uninstall / reinstall using the steps found at: (This KB will walk you through steps of removing the Niku folders from the registry if needed.)