Steps to convert MOI from default to LDAP authentication
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Steps to convert MOI from default to LDAP authentication


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


Steps to change the MOI server authentication method from DEFAULT to LDAP 


Release : 2.0



The following steps needs to be taken: 

The change to LDAP security would need to be done from the MLSS ISPF panels: 

 1) Select Option 3 Security from the Installation Menu 

 2) Select Option 1 Setup Security settings 

 3) Select 2 Authenticate with a generic LDAP server 

 4) All LDAP required values will have be provided and entered by you followed by the Enter key . 

     Please note that the LDAP port of 389 is for non-SSL MOI installations. 

     Port 636 would be the correct port for SSL MOI installations. 

     If any issues arise with this LDAP approach, it will be most likely be due to SSL security being in place. . 

5) Once the LDAP information has been entered, it's needed to go to the Installation Menu and select Option 8 Deploy and then select option 1 Deploy Property Files and hit enter. 

    The security change is staged but must be sent to the MOI Appliance to be in effect. 

6) To send the updated property file to the MOI appliance, select Option 2 Manage from the MLSS Main Menu and then select option 9 Advanced Commands. 

     Under Advanced Commands, select option 12 Update and select option 1 Resend. 

7) Once the Resend completes, the MOI appliance must be rebooted using option 2 Reboot or manually rebooted from VMWare for the security change to LDAP to be in effect.

Additional Information

In the manuals is a printable worksheet chapter called Network Security (LDAP) that provides a checklist with the information to gather before starting with LDAP..


Similar step as for the change were done for the installation, see below link. See Option 3 of the CAAE ISPF procedure as described in step 9..