Unable to rediscover Cisco nexus device 7700 in snmpcollector
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Unable to rediscover Cisco nexus device 7700 in snmpcollector


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Unable to rediscover and poll Cisco nexus device 7700 in snmpcollector

This issue can also be encountered wih other network devices discovered using snmpv3 with snmpcollector intermittently


Release : 8.51


snmpcollector 3.43 HF7


After network device reboot for any reason unable to readd device in snmpcollector  .Profile shows failed discovery in snmpcollector gui

Can see below error in snmpcollector logs even though the snmpv3 credentials are checked to be valid 

Line 14262: Jul 20 07:13:46:752 [DiscoveryController3, snmpcollector] DeviceDiscovery failed: xxxxxx.com.sg in state Discovery Failed. Reason: Credentials Invalid or device is unreachable.  Unable to communicate with device using given credentials


Observed with network device discovered with snmpv3 protocol and monitored with snmpcollector probe

Workaround which is option 1 is to delete the device , restart snmpcollector probe and rediscover the device




1 - delete the device from snmp-collector gui and save 

2 - deactivate the snmp-collector probe

3 - active the probe 

4 - add the device (Query from discovery server option in snmpcollector GUI to Import, or just create a new profile with the Device via IP or Hostname



Upgrade snmpcollector probe to version 3.50 or greater and rediscover the device.


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