Policy Server ODBC connectiontimeout and loadbalancetimeout settings
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Policy Server ODBC connectiontimeout and loadbalancetimeout settings


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Will the Policy Server registry key "ConnectionTimeout" close an
unresponsive connection with the ODBC backend server instead of
setting the DataDirect driver LoadBalanceTimeout ?




All Policy Server versions




The "LoadBalanceTimeout" feature is at the DataDirect level, and this
manages the connections at the network level to the database.

The "ConnectionTimeout" is at the application level, when the Policy
Server sends request to the database as select, etc.

Both parameters and keys are not handling the same use case.

The DataDirect Driver "LoadBalanceTimeout" will handle the idle
timeout of the connection, and the Policy Server key ConnectionTimeout
handle unresponsive connections (1)(2)(3).

So, if a connection has been broken, or the ODBC server takes time to
answer to the Policy Server query, then the ConnectionTimeout may
apply. But the LoadBalanceTimeout won't apply in this situation,
because the Policy Server tries to use the connection, and as such,
the connection is not idle.

So said, the timeout is maintained at the connection level on the
driver side, and at the query level at the application level which is
the Policy Server.

There's is no equivalent Policy Server registry key configuration to
handle the ODBC driver connection idle time.


Additional Information



    How to configure the LoadBalanceTimeout connection parameter?

      Now there is some heavy activity and 25 connections are opened to
      the database. As the activity slows down with end users
      disconnecting, LoadBalanceTimeout kicks in removing connections from
      the connection pool after the connection has been idle for 60



    Load Balance Timeout

      The number of seconds to keep inactive connections open in a
      connection pool. An inactive connection is a database session that is
      not associated with an ODBC connection handle, that is, a connection
      in the pool that is not in use by an application.

      If set to 0, inactive connections are kept open.  
      If set to x, inactive connections are closed after the specified

      number of seconds passes.



    Configure ODBC Registry Settings for Timeout

    - "ConnectionTimeout"

      The maximum wait time on a connection. In cases where the query
      timeout or the log-in timeout apply, those values override the
      connection timeout.