Data_engine probe does not connect to Oracle in TLS 1.2
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Data_engine probe does not connect to Oracle in TLS 1.2


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


All other Java probes that require DB connection communicate with DB in TLS 1.2 , however the data_engine probe 9.02 on the primary hub uses TLS 1.0. 


Release: 9.02

Component: UIMDEG

Oracle Instant Client basic

Oracle Enterprise: 12c 


The libraries used by data_engines use external sqlnet.ora file located under Oracle_Home.

In the UIM installation article, Oracle Instant Client is required to be installed on the UIM server for Oracle DB connectivity. By default, Oracle Net is not installed with Oracle Instant client, however there is a chance that Oracle Net is added to Oracle Home folder manually for some reasons.


Modify the sqlnet.ora

Local Oracle Home inputted in the UIM installer has been added to PATH variable for the Nimsoft service and then the %ORACLE_HOME%\nework\amin\sqlnet.ora is actually in use. Once if such a file has been modified previously in contained parameter SSL_CIPHER_SUITES,  then probes that rely on Oracle client library like data_engine.exe and other applications including local sqlplus client utility will use ciphers specified in such a file. After rectifying SSL_CIPHER_SUITES in the sqlnet.ora in the correct folder, then data_engine starts to use TLS 1.2.