11.5 Web Viewer - Moving to 12.1 questions
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11.5 Web Viewer - Moving to 12.1 questions


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Output Management Web Viewer


Our 11.5 Web Viewer servers are going EOL soon. How can we backup the current V11.5 over to new servers? Is it possible to just do some sort of copy or is a full install required?


Release : 11.5

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer

Windows Server


Start with the DB. Use the Microsoft SQL Server Backup utility to copy the entire DB. If your DB takes a hit, you'll be able to Restore the DB to any SQL Server and then point your 11.5 Web Viewer to the restored DB.

As far as making a backup of 11.5 Web Viewer itself is concerned, that would be far more involved than simply reinstalling. Trying to restore a copy of 11.5 Web Viewer would involve multiple components (Web Viewer, AdminTool and CCIPC) and configurations which are written to files in multiple locations as well as in the server registry.

You're better off doing a new install and then upgrade to current with PTFs:

R11.5 SP00 LEVEL SET - RO97315

If you made any html modifications, you need to also save the StingOverrides.ini file under the appropriate directory.