Need hardware details of the machines being monitored
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Need hardware details of the machines being monitored


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I can see that we have info related to OS and its version available in UIM but we need two more pieces of information as listed below. Please let us know if we can fetch this info. We need this info for all the OSes (Windows\Unix).

- hardware versions and dates

- hardware install dates


Release : 8.51

Component : UIM - NEXEC/USM


OS commands options:

Example commands can be found online , e.g.,


You might also consider posting a message to the UIM Community to see if someone has already written such a probe.


We would start with making sure you can use telnet/SSH/WMI/SNMP, different means of discovery, and make sure you can discover all of the Windows/Linux machines via UMP Discovery. That implies you have credentials for all of the Windows/Linux machines, then use UMP discovery. If you have a robot on the machine, great, if not you can use rsp to remotely discover and monitor the machine(s). Once that is done, check the CM_COMPUTER_SYSTEM table  for data but, that said, OS level commands provide the most flexibility for gathering all the data for sure.

select * from cm_computer_system

- contains the OS type, name, version and description.
- SNMP-based probes may provide you other details, e.g., snmpcollector, snmpget,
- but there is not a single probe that can gather ALL desired host/device->hardware version/information/details.

Right now only a custom or Broadcom UIM field-developed probe could provide a truly comprehensive solution.

Custom probe option:

If you choose to create a custom probe here is a community post in two parts that covers it:


Application Discovery option:

You could actually use Application Discovery in USM.

App Discovery is a mechanism to deploy scripts to robots that can report back anything they like. We intended to use it to discover a certain set of applications, but you could report on the OS, hardware or anything really, as long as you have a script that can gather that information. You would create 1 or more custom scripts. A script for appDiscovery would be a batch script for Windows, a shell script for Unix/Linux and all you have to do is "echo" or "print" key=value pairs. 

Please refer to the following links for more information:

Use Application Discovery

Create Custom Scripts for Application Discovery


nexec probe option: