Not able to set UNIX attribute from IAM to AD
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Not able to set UNIX attribute from IAM to AD


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As per the new requirement from customer we have to send below 4 Unix attributes from IAM to AD endpoint. We are directly setting them in AD through policy express.

1. gidNumber : mapped with Primary Group Name(UNIX)(gidNumber) in AD using policy express
2. loginShell : mapped with Login Shell(loginShell) in AD using policy express
3. uidNumber: mapped with UID(uidNumber) in AD using policy express
4. unixHomeDirectory : mapped with Home Directory(unixHomeDirectory) in AD using policy express We are not able to set the UID and GID from IAM to AD whereas the Login shell and Home directory are getting set through Policy Express.

Can you please help in letting us know the reason for this? The AD schema is extended in provisioning directory and can see them in AD Account Template.


Release : 14.x

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Query has been raised with Engineering with regards to the Provisioning engine dependency in SFU (Services For Unix) Service.
Update to be shared as soon as it has been communicated to Support.
Customer decided to apply a workaround in updating the required attributes