How to change Identity Portal Admin password in IP 12.6.8
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How to change Identity Portal Admin password in IP 12.6.8


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We would like to change ipadmin password to limit the scope of its access. Is there an official way to change it? We are thinking to remove it from the and files and then user to add it back. 


Release : 12.6.8

Component : SIGMA-Identity Suite


  1. One can remove the user entry from in order to revoke Admin UI application access to IP admin with a CAUTION that access is NOT possible to Admin UI once the entry is removed. Admin User credentials can be added back via add-user script and access can be granted again without any side effects. No restart required.
  1. One can change admin user password using add-user(.bat/.sh) script. While executing this script, it prompts an option “Update the existing user password and roles” to change user’s password.

P.S: As we already know that Sigma v14.x offers Reset Password functionality right from the application UI instead of using script.