UVC: Autopatch import fails "Handle creation error"
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UVC: Autopatch import fails "Handle creation error"


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


In slow networks (VPN, Wifi or similar) between UVC and UVMS, the the Autopatch Package Import fails.

The following kind of error that appears in uvserver.log:

|ERROR| request-worker-x | com.orsyp.central.server.DispatchHandler | Handle creation error com.orsyp.comm.ProtocolException: UniverseProtocol - decode: invalid header [100<NUL><NUL>] at com.orsyp.comm.server.KmeleonProtocolServer.decodeSize(KmeleonProtocolServer.java:41) 

When using Univiewer Webconsole, it works fine.


Release : 6.x



When a large file is transferred by UVC to UVMS (like an Autopatch Package), it is sent by packets of 10Ko, with a 10ms pause between two packets. 

UVMS sometimes cannot handle so much  traffic, and the Autopatch import fails. 

This happens when the network traffic between UVC  and UVMS is slow.


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 

Component: Univiewer.Console and Management.Server

Dollar Universe 6.10.11 - Released 2nd October 2019

Additional Information

Fix Description:

A new UVMS Node Setting (OWLS_UVC_SEND_PACKAGE_TIMER) has been added to modify the pause between packets when sending a package. 

In addition, the default pause value has been increased to 20ms (instead of 10ms). 

Note: the import of packages might be slower depending on the value of OWLS_UVC_SEND_PACKAGE_TIMER. 

For a UVMS < 6.10.11, the default value is taken (20ms)