Reset Jaspersoft password for encryption
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Reset Jaspersoft password for encryption


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Reset Jaspersoft to be encrypted.  Currently showing up as cleartxt.  How can this be done without reinstalling Jasper?


Release : 14.2

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Password displays in cleartxt in the  \buildomatic\


1. In \buildomatic edit the, put the correct passwords for the appropriate fields. 


2. Add encrypt=true to the bottom of the file.


3. Make sure there is no encrypt.done=true in the end of the file


4. Run js-ant refresh-config command from the command line inside buildomatic folder


5. Open the again, notice the db password now, it should be ENC-<encrypted string>



Copy that whole string and paste it to the password field in META-INF/context.xml and then restart tomcat service. 


<Note:  Once tomcat is restarted you will see the encrypt=true is changed to encrypt.done=true in the>