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Data Collector UI launched upgrade when not using root user does not complete


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Data Collectors run r3.7.2 or earlier releases.

Upgrading to r3.7.3 or newer release.

Data Collector installations are not owned by the root user.

After launching the Data Collector upgrade through the Performance Management web UI options it never completes. It always shows status of "Upgrading".


Data Collector releases r3.7.2 and older


In r3.7.2 and older releases the upgrade script used in the PC console cannot handle a non-root install.

The chmod step fails prior to install launch resulting in the install never launching on the Data Collector.


In these scenarios the only solution is to manually run the Data Collector installs.

Open a terminal to the CLI for affected Data Collectors.

The install.bin file should already be on the system. Will need to follow the documentation steps to manually run the chmod command and then execute the install.bin as sudo.

After the upgrade in this manner, future upgrades to releases newer than r3.7.3 using the UI launched Data Collector upgrades will complete normally.

Additional Information

This is fixed in 3.7.3, so next time you upgrade, the issue will not be seen.