EMS and NAS do not register to Maintenance_Mode
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EMS and NAS do not register to Maintenance_Mode


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Ems and nas probe do not register to maintenance_mode probe


Apr  6 17:25:38:473 [15076] nas: maint:  Registration error rc: '2' to 'maintenance_mode'



Apr 06 03:37:10:569 [MmpConnectionMaintenanceTimer, ems] connectToMaintenanceModeProbe: failed  I/O error on nim session (C) com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimNamedClientSession(Socket[addr=/,port=48032,localport=51229])

Apr 06 03:37:10:569 [MmpConnectionMaintenanceTimer, ems] (2) communication error, I/O error on nim session (C) com.nimsoft.nimbus.NimNamedClientSession(Socket[addr=/,port=48032,localport=51229]): Read timed out



Release : 9.1.0



Upgrade ems probe to 10.20 HF3 and nas to 9.06 and change probe configuration:

Ems probe in Raw or cfg file:

Increase ems java max heap size in <startup>/<opt> section

java_mem_max = -Xmx1024m to java_mem_max = -Xmx2048m 


in <setup> section:

add the key  maintenance_mode_cmd_timeout = 300000
if it does not exist.The value is in ms.

Nas in Raw configuration or cfg file:

in <setup> section:

add the key

maint_max_resp_time = 300
if it does not exist. The value is in seconds.

add the key:

registrationIntervalLookAheadMinutes = 60


Additional Information

For UIM 8.5, first download and deploy the appropriate nas hot fix:


nas8.56HF5.zip if you are currently running nas 8.56

nas9.0HF4.zip if you are currenlty running nas 9.0

nas_9.06_HF6.zip if you are currently running nas 9.06


It is also recommended that the maintenance_mode-8.53-HF3.zip hot fix be deployed as well.


All hot fixes are available for download from the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Hotfix Index site.


The maintenance_mode probe hot fix contains a new task that was added which deletes the expired maintenance windows thereby improving the UMP performance.


It is disabled by default.

To enable the task, purge_maintenance_window_interval (a new configuration) is to be set to an whole integer

in maintenance mode probe configuration under <setup> section.

(say 1, meaning the task would run every one hour).


For example:

<setup>/purge_maintenance_window_interval = 1

If the task is run all the expired maintenance window entries would get deleted.

If you do not have this hot fix deployed. and you currently do not manually maintain the MAINTENANCE tables in your UIM database, follow the instructions in the following Knowledge Document after deploying the 8.53HF3 maintenance_mode probe and configuring it to perform the MAINTENANCE table maintenance:


KB106216 : Cleaning up USM Maintenance Schedules