Rate Matrix Extraction Does not update changes to matrix when rate matrix is on entity not project
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Rate Matrix Extraction Does not update changes to matrix when rate matrix is on entity not project


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1. Create or use an existing rate matrix.

   a. Create one row with all asterisks to cover at least on year (1/1/2017-12/31/2017)

   b. Give it a rate/cost of $1

2. Add the rate matrix association on to an entity

3. Create a project

   a. Add financially enabled resource to team

   b. Financially enable using the same department/location as the Entity from step 2, but do not put the matrix on the project itself.

4. Create task with dates 6/1/2017 - 9/30/2017)

   a. Assign the resource

5. Run Rate Matrix Extraction job with options 2 and 3, or 1,2,3.

6. Check the nbi_proj_res_rates_and_costs table. Note the rates are there

7. Go back to the rate matrix

   a. On the line you created change the To Date to 7/31/2017

   b. Create a new line with same options with dates 8/1/2017-12/31/2017. Give this a rate/cost of $88

   - This should in theory create new rows in the nbi_proj_res_rates_and_costs table as the rate change is in the middle of the project and task.

8. Run Rate Matrix Extraction job again with options 2 and 3 or 1,2,3.

Expected Result: nbi_proj_res_rates_and_costs table has new rows to reflect the change in rate

Actual Result: No new rows are inserted into the table


Release: 15.2, 15.3

Component: Financials


This is caused by DE35596


This is fixed in 15.4.1

Workaround: Add the matrix information to the project itself run RME job again.

Additional Information

If multiple projects / all existing projects must be updated, the following update statement would achieve the same results as adding the matrix information to the individual projects: 

update pac_mnt_projects set transratesourcematerials = XXXXXXX, transcostsourcematerials = XXXXXXX, transratesourceexpenses = XXXXXXX, transcostsourceexpenses = XXXXXXX, transratesourceequipment = XXXXXXX, transcostsourceequipment = XXXXXXX, transratesourcelabor = XXXXXXX, transcostsourcelabor = XXXXXXX where project_code = 'PR00001'

where XXXXXXX is the matrix 5 million ID you can find on the URL when editing a matrix