How to install the AdoptOpenJDK JRE to access OneClick in Spectrum 10.3.x
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How to install the AdoptOpenJDK JRE to access OneClick in Spectrum 10.3.x


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The Spectrum_10.03.02.PTF_10.3.219 patch has shifted the Oracle Java to AdoptOpenJDK in the $SPECROOT/Java/ directory, but the OneClick web server is still distributing the Oracle JRE.

How to install the AdoptOpenJDK JRE instead?


Release: 10.3.x

Component: OneClick



1. Open the following URL: and click on "Release Archive & Nightly Builds" item.

2. Locate the jdk8u212-b04 release (that also comes with Spectrum 10.4 release) and click on JRE to download the installer file for Windows x64.

3. Install the AdoptOpenJDK JRE.

4. In Custom Setup set to install all components.

5. Click on Start Console to launch the OneClick Console.

6. The following window will be displayed.

7. Click on Run button.

8. Click on Yes button.

9. Click on Run button.

10. Supply the Username and Password.


Additional Information

If the three item are not installed, then you have to manually associated the .jnlp file with Java Web Start.

Associate .jnlp Files with Java Web Start

The file that launches OneClick is a JNLP file. Verify that the .jnlp file extension is mapped to the javaws.exe application.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Explorer.
  2. Select Tools, Folder Options.
    The Folder Options dialog opens.
  3. Select the File Types tab.
    A list of registered file types is displayed.
  4. Scroll down and select JNLP.
    The bottom portion of the dialog displays Details for the ‘JNLP’ extension.
  5. Verify that the details for the ‘JNLP’ extension box indicate the following information:
    • For Windows 2000/2003: The file opens with javaws.
    • For Windows XP: The file opens with Java Web Start Launcher.
    If JNLP files are not set as described, you can manually map the .jnlp extension to the javaws.exe application.
  6. Select Change in the Details for ‘JNLP’ extension box.
    The Open With dialog opens.
  7. Scroll down and select ‘javaws’ or ‘JavaTM Web Start Launcher’ and select OK.
  8. Select OK in Folder Options.
  9. Exit Windows Explorer.
    The .jnlp file extension is now mapped to the Java Web Start application and can launch the OneClick Console.

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