Can we set up an error checkpoint timeout
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Can we set up an error checkpoint timeout


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We can set up monitor frequency under "Check periods". When a monitor fails, where can we define the error checkpoint frequency?  It looks like even if the monitor frequency is set to 30 minutes, when a monitor errors, it runs every 5 or 10 mins? 


How to reproduce:

1. Set a checkpoint period greater than 5 minutes, for example 15 minutes (though you can set any other time greater than 5).
2. Wait for first OK Checkpoint after 15 minutes
3. Then modify the monitor with a search string that you know won't be found. Generating an error match.
4. At the 15 minute mark, the check point failure (expected failure) will be followed by a 5 min check (again expected failure).
The errors will check every 5 minutes until the monitor returns an OK check and then it will revert back to checking as per what the check periods setting is (in this example, every 15 minutes).




This is working by design.


This is a feature. Imagine you have a 12 hours monitor and the check fails. If the next run were performed after 12 hours you would get 50% unavailability in your charts. Thus, the interval is reduced to 5 minutes after an error in case it is higher than 5 minutes and left untouched if lower. Unfortunately, customers cannot fine tune these value, they are fixed.