How to turn off GVB300I messages?.
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How to turn off GVB300I messages?.


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Hyper-Buf VSAM Buffer Optimizer for z/VSE


Unable to turn off the GVB300I messages selectively by partition or cluster.


Release : 3.3

Component : HYPER-BUF for VSE


Hyperbuf allows the GVB300I messages to be turned off globally using the STATS=OFF parameter but does not offer  a cluster level exclusion of the message


There is no way to selectively remove the GVB300I messages with the STATS=OFF parm at the cluster level. It is a global parm only. 

The following CMSG command first switches messaging in all partitions off, then activates just those where you want to see the messages:


There is no cluster level capability to turn of the GVB300I messages.

Additional Information

See the Hyperbuf User Guide for details and examples