64 bit ERP Agent for Siebel availability
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64 bit ERP Agent for Siebel availability


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Is there an ERP Agent 64bit for Siebel ?




At first glance, as a java application, the ERP Agent bit level
depends on the java bit level of the Application Server version.

So said, the ERP Agent 12.51 for Siebel will be 64bit if the Siebel
Server on which it runs is 64bit. But this is not the case as Siebel
servers are 32bit (1)(2).

As such, all ERP Agents are then 32 bit with Siebel 32bit servers (3).

Please note, as the Policy Server 12.8 is 64bit, this one already
provides the 64bit Session Linker library. There's no need to install
the Session Linker libraries on Policy Server 12.8.

The ERP Agent 12.51 for Siebel can be found here (4). Page is
accessible after login.

Note that Siebel Server are 32bit and as such, this is the reason why
there's only 32bit mentioned when accessing to the version 12.51.

Finally, as stated in the 12.8 Support Matrix, Policy Server 12.8
support ERP Agent 5.6 too (5).


Additional Information



    Support for Siebel on 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems (Doc ID 1480776.1)

      Copyright (c) 2019, Oracle. All rights reserved. Oracle Confidential.

      Siebel CRM - Version 7.8.2 [19213] to 16.0 [IP2016] [Release V7 to V16]
      Siebel System Software - Version 7.8.2 [19213] to 16.0 [IP2016] [Release V7 to V16]
      Information in this document applies to any platform.

      The purpose of this document is to give details on Siebel Server
      Support on 32-bit and 64-bit OSs and things you should consider when
      installing Siebel on 64-bit OS.


      Although Siebel is a 32-bit application, it is supported to run
      on some 64-bit OS.

      Few things to keep in mind:

      There is no 64-bit Siebel Enterprise software: Siebel is a
      32-bit application. The existence of 64-bit OS, for example
      "Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)", listed as available in
      Platforms for the Siebel CRM Product on Oracle E-delivery may be
      causing confusion: please note that selecting any of the 64-bit
      platforms will still result in 32-bit software being downloaded
      as Siebel is only available in 32-bit releases.


      If Siebel applications need to invoke third party software
      directly (by invoking its libraries), for this to work the third
      party software also needs to be 32 bit (e.g. Informatica IIR DQ)



    Siebel 8.2.2 and 64 bit support

     Siebel has released its base version 8.2 for 64 bit machines. But
     I have noticed its still 32 bit native. When I gone through all
     the SRSP document then I found that siebel only moved for 64 bit
     support but all the binaries still need 32 bit 3rd party S/w to

     Oracle Client/Java all need to be 32 bit. Even IIS 7 running for
     64 bit need to be configure for 32 bit support.



    CA SSO Agent R12.51 for Siebel


    CA Single Sign-On Agent for Siebel MSP MULTI-PLATFORM


    4.1 Policy Server and Agents Compatibility

      Any 6.x versions of Web Agents,Access Gateways (previously
      called Secure Proxy Server), ERP Agents, ASA Agents, and 5.x
      versions of ERP Agents that are not beyond their end-of-service
      date do not support IPv6 or FIPS Mode (and can only connect to
      12.8 Policy Server in FIPS Compatibility Mode)