NAS Pre-Processing rules are not excluding alarms
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NAS Pre-Processing rules are not excluding alarms


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I created a pre-processing rule in NAS to exclude some alarms. After removing the alarm they still come back at the next polling interval of the probe and I still see them in IM and USM.


Release : Any UIM 

Component : UIM NAS


If the pre-processing "exclude" rule is not excluding the alarm despite the matching criteria applies to the alarm it might be because the alarm is coming from a different replication nas/hub. 


If the alarm comes from a  probe attached to a remote hub with its own nas (therefore not the nas the pre-processing profile has been defined on) then the alarm replication will bypass the pre-processing rule. If the alarm comes from a remote hub/nas  try to add the pre-processing in the remote hub/nas. 

The pre-processing intercepts alarms before they reach the nas. NAS Replication happens from nas to nas. So if an alarm reaches one of the replication nas'es, pre-processing rules are not applied.