CA View - How does View Translate a Hyphen (-)?
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CA View - How does View Translate a Hyphen (-)?


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The client found no reference was in the View character translation documentation regarding how View translates a hyphen (-). 

Is a hyphen translated to another character in ACF2, or should just a hyphen be used?


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Component : CA View


ACF2 uses the two masking characters, the hyphen (-) and the asterisk (*), where the hyphen represents multiple characters, and the asterisk represents a single character. 

Before many special characters were added to the list of acceptable characters in a View Sysout ID, the only characters previously allowed were national characters (@, #, and $). 

The asterisk (-) is considered to be a special character, and it can be translated using SARINIT SECTRAN=YES. 

The addition of a hyphen (-) can occur in a Deliver Report ID, so it is not considered to be a special character. 

In a rule, if the hyphen is to represent multiple characters, then the hyphen should be used.